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022 Milestones

Investigate the developments of the last 4000 years. How has telecommunication affected our lives? Report on two inventions that have brought about huge changes.


023 Oops, that went wrong!

Investigate which developments in the field of communication were a failure. Which inventions frightened people at first? Show two examples that demonstrate this convincingly.


024 Simply ingenious

Investigate an ingenious invention of the last 4000 years at the exhibition. In your opinion, what will be the most ingenious invention in the near future?


025 Desire or drudgery?

Investigate forms of communication in the digital age. Which of them are fun, which ones are useful and which ones can also become a burden?


026 Natives 2.0

Investigate the so-called ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’. What are the biggest differences?


027 Fast, faster …

Investigate why many people perceive the development of communication as acceleration. How do we cope with it?


028 Crystal ball

Investigate the communication of the future. What will change, what will stay the same?