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027 Fast, faster …

Investigate why many people perceive the development of communication as acceleration. How do we cope with it?

What it’s all about
·         Speed of the exchange of information compared to in the past
·         Change in the forms of communication
·         Significance and role of social media
·         Effects of the acceleration on people and society
·         Dealing with multitasking
·         What are all the things that now happen in 24 hours? What was it like in the past?

·         Exploring the exhibition
·         Analysing one’s own experiences with regard to acceleration in everyday life
·         Creating a running order of the day for the use of digital communication media (number of contacts per day, form of communication)
·         Collecting experiences from people of different ages concerning handling the tempo at work and in their private lives
·         Carrying out a survey
·         Commenting on the findings obtained
·         etc.

In the museum
·         Alcoves: from 1970, from 1980, from 2000, up to 2017
·         MultitasKing
·         Videos: Visionen
·         Large projection at the end of the room