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017 Hold me close!

Investigate the various different storage media. How do we retain information? Look for advantages and disadvantages from a specific period of time.


018 The sea of data

Investigate the phenomenon of ‘Big Data’. What do we think it involves? Who benefits and who stands to lose from the saving of data? Find at least two advantages and disadvantages.


019 The new gold

Investigate the value of personal data. Why do certain companies want to collect as much of it as possible? Why is it so valuable? Establish how much money you would ask for in exchange for your personal data.


020 Top secret!

Investigate the positive and negative sides of secrets. Who is allowed to know what?


021 Looking into a smart phone

Investigate the dark side of smart phones. Are you ready to accept injustices? How could we change the conditions? How do others react to your findings?


025 Desire or drudgery?

Investigate forms of communication in the digital age. Which of them are fun, which ones are useful and which ones can also become a burden?