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006 Miss Understanding

Investigate when a conversation works and when it doesn’t. What is required for us to understand each other? What leads to misunderstandings – and how can we solve potential conflicts?

What it’s all about
·         Prerequisites for mutual understanding in a conversation
·         Reasons for misunderstandings
·         Creation and escalation of arguments
·         Different phases of a conflict and possible solutions

·         Exploring the exhibition
·         Collecting one’s own misunderstandings
·         Carrying out a survey
·         Creating a list of reasons for misunderstandings
·         Obtaining the voices of experts (e.g. from videos at the exhibition)
·         Role-playing on escalation and de-escalation
·         Commenting on the results obtained
·         Filming of a video tutorial: How do you conduct a successful conversation?
·         etc.

In the museum
·         Tête-à-tête
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): How do I communicate successfully?
·         Videos
·         He’s started!
·         That’s not what I meant!
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): What skills do I need?
·         C’est le ton qui fait la musique
·         The basics of living together