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005 Crack the code!

Find the different codes that people use to understand each other. How can we convey messages without words? What is required so that the symbols are understood correctly?

What it’s all about
·         Communication through clothes, hair styles, jewellery, smells, facial expressions, gestures
·         Encoding and decoding of codes
·         Areas of application of symbols and signs
·         Codes of different groups and cultures

·         Exploring the exhibition
·         Listing codes that you use yourselves (signs, symbols, movements, etc.)
·         Explaining the meaning of codes in your own environment
·         Presenting which codes are used when – and how
·         Examining which codes are used by different people and groups
·         etc.

In the museum
·         Filmkaraoke
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): How do I communicate successfully?
·         “A beer!” or “Get lost!”
·         Do you know what I mean?
·         Videos
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): What skills do I need?
·         Style talks
·         Is laughing good? Is lying bad?