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We follow the guidelines for data protection in primary schools in the canton of Bern, in particular Chapter 4.1.6 (photos, video and audio recordings at primary school). The points listed below form topics covered in every workshop.

Protection of personal information:

  1. A blog entry is signed with the person’s first name – never with their first and last name. In place of a portrait photo of the person concerned, we recommend using a symbolic image.
  2. Kingcom publishes all video clips on YouTube and all audio clips on Soundcloud.
  3. If participants are visible in photos and videos, then they participate voluntarily. Minors participate with the permission of their parents or legal guardians.
  4. Participants are obliged to make these points clear to passers-by or museum visitors prior to an interview.


  1. The Museum of Communication allows participants to use the exhibitions and their entire contents for the website kingcom.ch, in particular with respect to photographs and videos. Passages from exhibition texts must be identified correctly as quotations.
  2. The copying of text, picture or video material from the internet and use as part of a blog entry without reference to the sender is forbidden! Entries with copied content will be deleted. Correct quotations, as well as links to content of third parties on the Internet, are permitted.