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001 Me and the world

Investigate why communication is so important for people. How does it influence our life? Choose a topic from the exhibition and explain it using examples.

What it’s all about
·         Communication as a basic human need
·         Basis for living together in the community
·         Need for closeness to other people
·         Perception of the world through communication
·         Development of one’s own identity through communication
·         Influencing and manipulation through communication

·         Findings from the exhibition
·         Creating the running order of a day, noting all communication situations
·         Creating a list of reasons for communication
·         Trying out forms of communication and documenting their effects
·         Recreating typical situations
·         Commenting on the findings obtained
·         etc.

In the museum
·         Ensemble
·         Tête-à-tête
·         Profiler
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): Why do I communicate?
·         Video: Kannengiesser
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR): Who do I communicate with?
·         Who greets whom in what way?