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003 Kiss or handshake

Investigate what happens between two people when they meet for the first time. How does affection or rejection occur? How does our background affect our behaviour?

What it’s all about
·         Cultural differences in communicative behaviour
·         Languages and dialects as connectors or differentiators
·         Forms of greeting as an expression of lifestyle and belonging
·         Education and the effect of prejudices and stereotypes
·         Patterns of behaviour in getting to know someone and flirting

·         Exploring the exhibition
·         Conducting research into cultural differences in communication
·         Surveying people from a different cultural background
·         Setting up typical greetings situations
·         Recreating typical types of behaviour when flirting
·         Recording interviews
·         Documenting with photos
·         etc.

In the museum
·         Tête-à-tête
·         Profiler
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR) Who do I communicate with?
·         Who greets whom in what way?
·         Culture aids communication
·         Chillaxin!
·         Here’s looking at you, kid!
·         Videos
·         Prejudices
·         Do you speak Schwyzerdütsch?
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR) Why do I communicate?
·         Who’s with whom?
LABOR (GROUND FLOOR) What skills do I need?
·         The basics of living together
·         Style talks